Solutions for SpecialSituations

Rosenbloom Advisors

is a broad-based, solutions-oriented transactional and dispute resolution advisory practice

that leverages deep relationships and decades of experience in delivering efficient project management and strategic vision to resolve difficult and complex commercial situations. Our successes are born of more than four decades of unparalleled experience in managing SpecialSituations™ spanning multiple disciplines, including bankruptcy, restructuring, corporate governance, venture financing, mergers and acquisitions, financial fraud, mass tort, and structured finance here and abroad. The relationships we have fostered with top professional firms and financial resources around the world and our ability to form synergistic relationships and maximize productivity from your existing resources make us the consummate project managers for your SpecialSituations™.

We can manage your SpecialSituations

in almost any commercial circumstance – whether dissolving a business, raising venture capital, monetizing illiquid assets, prosecuting and defending complex litigation, and much more. We are experts in identifying and developing leverage points, formulating and effectuating value-maximizing strategies, locating and procuring professional and financial resources, as necessary, and executing the entire vision to fruition. Our superb strategic vision is unmatched, drawing on decades of engagements, knowledge, education, success, and networking. This multi-disciplinary skill set enables us to envision and implement innovative, cutting-edge solutions to maximize value and produce favorable results for our clients, with fees largely tied to the results obtained.

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